Saturday, September 18, 2004

Teaching Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations

After several decades of experience using Public Relations as a cost-effective marketing tool for high-tech businesses, I started doing some pro-bono work with non-profit organizations. With the idea of "teaching a man to fish..." I have started developing an outline and lesson plan for a course that could quickly teach managers of small non-profits how to effectively and inexpensively generate publicity for their organizations. As writing is a key element of PR, I think blogging could be a useful tool as part of this course - for posting course assignments that could generate rapid feedback as well as for doing research about current PR techniques and practices.

In terms of research, several blogs appear to have information that could be useful to a budding PR practitioner:
101 Public Relations
Strategic Public Relations
PR Studies
A PR Guru's Musings
Seth Godin's Blog

E-Mail Test

Here I'm checking to see what happens if I e-mail to
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First Blog Entry

While not really my first blog entry ever, this is the first entry in my very own blog. If you're actually looking for news, go to CNN.